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large aluminum foil pans with lids
extra large heavy duty foil pans
1/2 9x13 inch foil pans
8x8 inch foil pie pans
9x9 inch foil pans with lids
large aluminum foil pans with lids
extra large heavy duty foil pans
1/2 9x13 inch foil pans
8x8 inch foil pie pans
9x9 inch foil pans with lids

Aluminum Foil Pans With Lids Wholesale disposable foil pan

disposable foil pans with lids, 8x8 inch and 9x9 inch square foil pan with lid, extra large full sizes foil pans and 1/2 half size 9 x 13 inch foil pans with lids
extra large foil pans- deep / medium / shallow: 526*326 *76mm / *55mm / *42mm
heavy duty foil pans lid - plastic and aluminum foil: 540*338*18.5mm
1/2 half size (9" x 13") tin foil pan- deep / medium / shallow: 320*268 *65mm / *55mm / *40mm
1/2 half Lid - plastic lids and aluminum foil lids: 329*272*21mm
8x8 inch square foil pans: 222*222*40mm
8x8 inch foil pans lids- plastic: 225*225*9.6mm
9x9 inch foil pie pans: 230*230*38mm
8x8 inch foil pans lids- plastic: 255*255*11mm
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Foil Containers Introduction
Dongson is a prefessional aluminum foil containers manufacturer, can provide the foil trays aluminum foil pans with lids wholesale price. Main aluminum container products include aluminum foil tray,aluminium pie pan,foil pans with foil lids, large full size deep midum shallow disposable pie tin pans and disposable aluminium baking tray, aluminum takeout containers, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch pie foil pans, rectange foil trays and lids.

All kinds of disposable aluminum foil trays and foil contaierns with lids widely used for take out foil food trays, fast food foil containers, and disposable aluminum foil baking trays, pizza round foil containers.

Square size foil containers: 6 x 6 inch,8 x 8 inch,9 x 9 inch;
Round size foil pans with lids: 6 inch,7 inch,8 inch,9 inch,10 inch,12 inch;
Mini aluminum foil containers: 10ml,20ml,30ml,45ml,60ml,70ml,100ml,110ml,125ml;
Rectangle foil pans foil trays with lids: 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb, 4lb, 6a, C5L, C10L ,C18L, C20L;
Large baking foil trays: DS-06,DS-18,DS-19,DS-20,DS-22,DS-27,DS-41,DS-76,DS-85,DS-87,DS-91
Temperature Range
Aluminum (-20°F/-26°C - 400°F/204°C)
Foil Containers Application
Widely used for take out, fast food,baking, Pie, pizza,BBQ, food cooking, freezing, preservation etc.
1. The food grade foil pans with lids passed the QS certification and SGS-certification
2. Disposable aluminum foil containers with outstanding insulating property, and aluminum foil trays with lids have the good sealing. The nice sealing can protect the original flavor to food.
Food storage: Aluminum material, make food to keep fresh for longer time
Food takeout: Salads, side dishes, fruit, sauce, rice, baking rice, noodle etc packing
BBQ: For meet, egg, vegetable bbq and grill
Cooking: Can be used on fire and oven directly
Baking: Can be used in oven directly, used for bread and cake baking, dessert, mousse, brownies, puddings, tiramisu, cupcakes making.
Good thermal conductivity
Good thermal conductivity Our aluminum containers have thermal conductivity, which can hold and store your favorite food when baking at high temperatures. Very suitable for oven and baking.
Deep coiled folds
The upper edge of the aluminum foil lunch box has an outward curling edge, which is smooth and beautiful, and can effectively prevent fingers from being scratched.
Non-slip design
The pleated design of desposable foil box makes it have stronger fastness, and increases foil containers' heated area, shortens the heating time. The bottom of aluminum foil pans adopt concave and convex design, uniform heating,high anti-skid performance, more safe use.
Advantages of DONGSON Aluminum Foil Container
Various specifications, can be customized according to customer needs.
Health and safety.
High quality food grade special material is sterilized by high temperature. The product can be placed directly on the gas stove and microwave oven, without worrying about the danger.
Good quality
Aluminum foil shade, light weight, easy to store food, so diners can enjoy a more cozy appearance.
Green and recyclable.
The used lunch box can be recycled, and the production process will not produce waste. Reduce pollution, save resources, in line with the international trend of environmental protection.
Wide range of applications.
Aluminum foil lunch boxes can be directly used for storage, packaging, grilling/baking, molding, heating and freezing.
Strong resistance to pressure.
Strong resistance, sturdy and solid, can prevent deformation or damage during transportation and delivery.
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Aluminum foil product processing line
#01 Aluminum foil trays equipments and aluminum foil containers product processing line
#02 Aluminum foil container mould
Dongson has its own mold team that can design and creat molds according to your needs. If you have drawings or samples of aluminum foil trays or foil containers, we can not only provide you with mold upgrades, but also do batch processing. Processing mainly adopts mold production equipment imported from the United States, Japan, Western Europe and other countries; mold design uses mold auxiliary design production system (PRE /CAD/CAE/CAM). Various aluminum foil stamping dies can be produced or processed according to user requirements.
You'll find answers to common questions about aluminum foil containers as below; however, if you need additional help, don't hesitate to contact us !
Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer .Our own factory is located in Gongyi, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.
What‘s your product range?
Aluminum foil container, aluminum foil roll, pop up foil sheets, etc.Please contact me for the details.
How could I get a best price from you ?
A. For foil container, inform us the info such as: shape, size, weight, logo etc. For household aluminum foil roll, inform us the info such as: thickness, width and length etc.
How can I get a sample to check the quality?
After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. The samples can be supplied for free, but shipping charge will be on your accound or provide your express account such as FedEx,DHL,TNT,UPS and so on.
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