Customer-oriented research on meal boxes
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Customer-oriented research on meal boxes
Introduction to the R&D Centre
We have R&D centres where we work on the development and realisation of the diverse needs of our clients' markets in all regions of the world, as well as trends at different stages of their development, providing strategic research for market entry and consolidation.
Our Research Objectives
Getting functional and influential packaging is critical to building a brand. Our professional lunch box engineer team will provide you with expert advice on how to save costs through the size and temperature of food materials, preventing food damage, and
Real-time in-depth study of market demand to design and manufacture as many moulds and boxes as possible to meet customer needs
Ensure accurate dimensions and reliable quality and short delivery times.
Use of reliable raw materials for the production of the boxes to ensure their quality and hygiene and safety.
R&D results
The results of our research
Enables us to produce products that meet the needs of most customers, even if there is something beyond the needs, and to provide professional customisation and technical support.
Improve product quality, shorten product production cycle and reduce production costs.
A continuous and stable supply of reliable quality, safe and hygienic lunch boxes
Aluminum foil container wonderful case show
Our team of professionals has worked with thousands of companies to achieve the results they want through high-quality detailing and gourmet packaging that helps their brands stand out from the competition. dongson lets our team of expert foil engineers make your packaging ideas a reality.
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