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Pop-up Foil Sheet
We offer a wide selection of pop-up foil sheets for household and restaurant. Aluminum Foil sheets conveniently dispense one at a time. Great for wrapping food. Withstand high heat and extreme cold, making them perfect for grilling and baking.
Foil Sheets for Food: Foil sheets are safe for wrapping food, such as sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers and baked potatoes. Also great for use in air fryers, restaurants, catering, concession stands, school cafeterias and at-home food preparation.
Aluminum Foil Dispenser: Aluminum foil sheets come in a convenient pop-up foil dispenser box that dispenses one sheet at a time.
Embossed Foil Sheets: Each foil sheet measures 7.5” W x 10.75” L. Includes 500 foil sheets per box.
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Wrinkled Aluminum Foil containers production line
Catering for convenience, functionality & presentation, from trays, ash trays and foil to single, double and multi portion aluminium trays in numerous shapes and sizes. Confectionery foil containers and trays are used for buns, cakes and patisserie protecting, baking, preserving, presenting and serving.
Butcheries: The barrier properties of aluminium together with the ability to go straight into the oven or microwave and onto the table make it a first choice.
Wrinkled Aluminum Foil Advantage
Environmentally friendly material, 100% recycled.
Suitable for various cooking methods and can hold a variety of foods.
Resistant to high and low temperature conditions, no leakage.
No unpleasant odor.
Lightweight, easy to use and carry.
Conventional oven safe.
Multiple sizes and shapes to meet a variety of needs
Conventional oven safety.
A wide range of applications for Wrinkled aluminium foil lunch boxes
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