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How to make a mold
We have R&D centres where we work on the development and realisation of the diverse needs of our clients' markets in all regions of the world, as well as trends at different stages of their development, providing strategic research for market entry and consolidation.
How to produce a perfect lunch box
Ensure improved packaging results with solutions designed to help you visualise and perfect your meal box packaging. We offer a wide range of samples and moulds to meet all your needs.
Customer sends the samples or AI artwork drawings.
We need the detailed specifications to ensure the molds of foil container perfect. If you have AI artwork drawings, we can use it directly, if not, a sample is also helpful to us to get more details. Such as length, width, thickness, patterns, edges, etc.
We provide 3D drawings according to the samples or AI artwork
Based on AI drawings or samples you send, we will provide multi-angle 3D model drawings for you to check in the first time. This is the prototype of mold making.
First Sample mailing
We provide the first samples to customers to check, if anywhere needs to modify, our engineers will adjust the mold and provide new samples to confirm, until the sample makes the customer satisfied
Customer confirm the samples
When there is no problem for the samples we provided you, the sample will be confirmed and become to the basis for the production of large goods.
Our engineers finish the mold assemble
After the sample is confirmed, the engineer will assemble the mold and complete the debugging of the mold.
We prepare raw materials to testing the continuous production,take videos and photos to you check
Install the assembled mold on the aluminum foil container production machine, complete debugging, and prepare raw materials according to your requirements, then actually produce small batches of samples to test continuous production. The whole process will be recorded on video for inspection.
We provide the finished samples to you double check
We provide the finished samples to you double checkwe provide the finished samples to you double checkwe provide the finished samples to you double checkwe provide the finished samples to you double check
The mold completed and delivery scheduled
Dongson not only guarantees the quality of foil containers, but also recycles used food containers in a more environmentally friendly way
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