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We at DONGSON are professional in the manufacture of aluminium foil containers, which is the reason we have a department dedicated to quality control to guarantee the quality of the products we supply.

Our quality control and manufacturing departments work in synergy at every stage and process, including moulding, forming, inspection and packaging processes - together they ensure the quality of the final product.
SOP-based Quality Control Of Aluminium Foil Containers
Description of residual products during production
(wrinkles in the raw material, automatic machine stop)
Detection of defects
Advanced imaging and image processing algorithms are used to accurately identify major foil defects such as impurities, abrasions, bumps, pits, pinholes, mosquitoes, dirt and so on, enabling continuous foil surface quality control and classification and grading of surface defects. Inspection and classification of defects such as scratches, chromatic aberrations, oil spots, stains (coloured oil), insect spots, foreign objects, roll marks, white stripes, bright marks, streaks, chin marks, etc.
Defect handling
100% full coverage real time detection, real time sound and light alarm for occasional and intermittent defects, automatic shutdown when defects are found, shutdown threshold can be adjusted by defect category.

Defects good and bad chart comparison display, defect list display, defect distribution chart display.

Output defect information, defect information can be displayed in volumes, and each volume information can be queried and output by order number, time or volume number, etc.
Heat-wrapping with label or insert card
Hanging packaging
Plastic bag and paper carton packaging
PET film packaging
Color box packing
Customized packaging
Complete sampling and inspection
The safety of aluminium foil as a packaging material is particularly important here.
Aluminium foils are all made from virgin aluminium after alloying and rolling through a number of processes, and are themselves free of harmful substances such as heavy metals. During the production of aluminium foil, a high-temperature annealing and sterilisation process is used, so that no bacteria or micro-organisms can grow on its surface.
The production of aluminium foil lunch boxes and containers is also regulated by strict national and industry standards.
The industry standard "Aluminium Foil Products for Catering and Cooking" has also been published and implemented, providing guidelines for the production, processing and quality assurance of these products, as well as a basis for testing and market supervision of these products, which also includes detailed hygiene requirements
The company is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of aluminium foil food packaging products such as airline lunch boxes, household lunch boxes, fruit plates, fish plates, household aluminium foil small rolls, etc. The company uses automated production lines and the quality of its products has passed FDA, OU, BRC and SGS certifications. We have established a foreign trade showcase and sales platform through Alibaba, specifically to serve customers around the world.
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Our team of professionals has worked with thousands of companies to achieve the results they want through high-quality detailing and gourmet packaging that helps their brands stand out from the competition. dongson lets our team of expert foil engineers make your packaging ideas a reality.
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