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Wrinkled Aluminum Foil containers
Through continuous flexibility, our ability to tailor-make products and our promise to deliver product with uncompromised quality, our customers rely on us to provide packaging solutions that support and grow their business.
Aluminium as a packaging material provides an impervious barrier protecting the contents of the material of the pack against any form of external contamination. In addition, aluminium is an efficient thermal conductor and as a result, cooking, chilling, freezing and reheating times are significantly reduced – offering meaningful energy and cost savings. These properties make aluminium containers the ideal food packaging, providing value and convenience throughout the supply chain.
When considering the environmental effect of packaging, aluminium foil containers rank as one of the most environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable.
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Wrinkled Aluminum Foil containers production line
Catering for convenience, functionality & presentation, from trays, ash trays and foil to single, double and multi portion aluminium trays in numerous shapes and sizes. Confectionery foil containers and trays are used for buns, cakes and patisserie protecting, baking, preserving, presenting and serving.
Butcheries: The barrier properties of aluminium together with the ability to go straight into the oven or microwave and onto the table make it a first choice.
Wrinkled Aluminum Foil Advantage
Environmentally friendly material, 100% recycled.
Suitable for various cooking methods and can hold a variety of foods.
Resistant to high and low temperature conditions, no leakage.
No unpleasant odor.
Lightweight, easy to use and carry.
Conventional oven safe.
Multiple sizes and shapes to meet a variety of needs
Conventional oven safety.
A wide range of applications for Wrinkled aluminium foil lunch boxes
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