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Compared with disposable lunch boxes, aluminum foil containers have the following advantages:

Date: 2022-04-19
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Good thermal insulation performance: The thermal insulation performance of aluminum foil containers is better than that of disposable lunch boxes, which can effectively maintain the temperature of food and prevent food from deteriorating.

Good high temperature resistance: Aluminum foil containers can withstand high temperatures and are suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as baking, ovens, and microwave ovens, while disposable lunch boxes are difficult to withstand high temperatures.

Easy to process: aluminum foil containers can be processed in a variety of ways, such as cutting, folding, pressing, pulling, etc., to make containers of various shapes and sizes, while disposable lunch boxes can only be produced according to a fixed size.

Safety and hygiene: aluminum foil containers have good safety and hygiene performance, will not produce harmful substances to food, and ensure food safety and hygiene.

Recyclable: Aluminum foil containers can be recycled, have no pollution to the environment, and save energy and resources, while disposable lunch boxes are difficult to be recycled.

Low cost: The production cost of aluminum foil containers is low, and the price is relatively low, while the price of disposable lunch boxes is relatively high.
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