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Wrinkled Aluminum Foil containers
Dongson is aluminum containers manufacturer, own aluminum foil containers factory, provide customized sevices and wholesale prices for wholesalers and large supermarkets.

Main products include large and small small aluminum foil pans with lids, aluminium foil bowl, disposable aluminum pie pans, aluminum foil tray,small foil pans, aluminium trays with lids, aluminium food trays,aluminum container with lid, disposable foil pan, disposable loaf pan with lid, aluminum food containers with lids. These aluminium food trays have different shapes, such as round foil pans, square foil pans, oval disposable foil pan for food storage containers. Widely used in disposable aluminium baking tray, BBQ, aluminium take out containers, Fast Food, Pie, Microwaveable, dessert aluminum loaf pan with lid.
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Wrinkled Aluminum Foil containers production line
Dongson is the one of the most professional manufacturer of aluminum foil products in China. Aluminum foil containers factory is located in Gongyi city, the aluminum capital of China, with 21 modern production lines, we can design, make, store, ship foil containers, and do a lot more. With 15 years experience on the development, production and sales of aluminum foil, can design and creat molds to making various types of aluminum food containers, foil rolls and pop-up foil sheets.
Wrinkled Aluminum Foil Advantage
Environmentally friendly material, 100% recycled.
Suitable for various cooking methods and can hold a variety of foods.
Resistant to high and low temperature conditions, no leakage.
No unpleasant odor.
Lightweight, easy to use and carry.
Conventional oven safe.
Multiple sizes and shapes to meet a variety of needs
Conventional oven safety.
A wide range of applications for Wrinkled aluminium foil lunch boxes
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